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Scheduled Service Questions and Answers

Unaccompanied minors MUST be 16 years of age or older for all bus lines - NO EXCEPTIONS

Q. How do you get the lower rate?

A. By looking at the schedules online and reserving online. Online schedules and online pricing is not available by phone. Reservation agents will NOT read the website to you, they will only take phone reservations at the higher rate.

Q. What is included in fare?

A. Transportation from point to point, that is all.

Q. I called the office and asked for information but they keep referring me back to the website, why?

A. Agents are not permitted to read the website, no customer service is included in the fare price.

Q. I don't see a particular location I want to go on the schedule, does the bus go there?

A. No, if you don't see the location on a particular schedule, then the bus will not go there. Calling the office will not make the bus stop at a location not on the schedule.

Q. What time does the bus leave from the stations?

A. The bus leaves at the time specified from the stations. You are requested to be there at least 20 minutes prior to departure time. Please check the trip, location and time you selected. If you are leaving from one of our scheduled stops or hotels times on the schedules are approximate pick up and drop off times. There is no way to guarantee times for stops in between as the bus makes multiple stops along the way boarding other passengers.

Q. I can't print out my confirmation can I still get on the shuttle?

A. Yes, the driver will still have your name on the manifest and you will still be able to board the shuttle.

Q. I am running late, will you hold the bus?

A. NO. We will not hold the bus for any reason. Please do not call and ask us to do so.

Q. I missed the bus, do I get a refund?

A. NO, no refunds will be issued for missing the bus.

Q. I missed the bus can I reschedule to a different time for free?

A. NO. If you wish to take a different trip you must rebook and repay for the new trip.

Q. I placed a reservation for scheduled bus service and now I don't want to go, do I get a refund?

A. NO. All reservations for scheduled service once placed are nonrefundable for any reason, including any door to door options.

Q. The bus ran late, do I get a refund or discount?

A. NO, the bus can run late for many reasons, the most common being traffic. As much as we would like to we do not control the traffic conditions on the road.

Q. I missed my connection to a flight, cruise or any other transportation, will you pay for my loss?

A. NO, it is your responsibility to plan accordingly and should have left a reasonable amount of time to make your connection including allowing extra time for weather, traffic or a mechanical breakdown.

Q. What exactly is included in my reservation?

A. Transportation to and from a location. Anything extra such as movies or snacks is an amenity that we may provide and should not be considered an expectation of travel.

Q. Are there other people on the shuttle or bus?

A. Yes, scheduled service shuttles are shared.

Q. Where are your stations?

A. We utilize different stations that the bus departs from depending upon the trip selected. All addresses are listed on this site next to your trip selection as well as in your confirmation email.

Q. I don't know where the station is, how do I get a map?

A. We suggest you use mapquest or googlemaps. Links to googlemaps for the station are on the trip schedules. Just click the link within the schedule and you will be taken to a googlemap of the location.

Q. When should I map the location?

A. BEFORE you leave. it is your responsibility to map your departing location. We are not here to give you directions, it is your responsibility to know where you need to be.

Q. I am scheduled to be picked up at a Miami Hotel, where do I wait? Will the driver look for me?

A. NO. The driver will not look for you. It is your responsibility to be outside and ready to leave when the bus arrives.

Q. Are pick ups at Miami and Miami Beach Hotels free?

A. Yes, only at select Miami and Miami Beach Hotels only on particular trips. The list can be found on the schedule of the trip you are choosing.

Q. I choose to be dropped off at a Disney Resort, why am I being charged?

A. Pick ups and drop offs at Disney Resorts is an extra charge and is NOT free. 

Q. why didn't the driver wait for me or call me to let me know the bus was here?

A. If you are not at the location at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time you are already late. This is a shared scheduled service it is YOUR responsibility to be at the location waiting for the bus already. There are too many passengers on board the bus for the driver to call every time someone is not where they are supposed to be. Just like an airline isn't going to call you to see why you are not at the airport yet, neither will this type of service. Doing so will only further delay the bus from its schedule.

Q. When should I book my reservation?

A. As soon as you know you want to go. Waiting until the last minute could result in the bus being sold out already and you may not be able to travel.

Q. What are your hours to place a phone reservation?

A. We do NOT take phone reservations for any reason.

Q. Is parking available?

A. No, we do not provide parking at any facility as we utilize various locations to better serve your transportation needs.

Q. Are there any discounts for Children or Senior Citizens?

A. No, all pricing is already discounted so everyone pays the same amount. Children under the age of 2 ride free as long as they are not taking up a seat.

Q. Do you allow pets on board any shared shuttle?

A. No, I'm sorry but no pets are permitted on board any shared shuttle.

Scheduled service passengers who place reservations and then do a chargeback, will be reported to all bus lines as well as other brokers. Your name will be placed on a no ride list.




























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