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We Do NOT Accept Any Phone Calls For Scheduled Service for any reason

We Will NOT Give Any Information Or Take Reservations By Phone- You Must Do Everything Online

In order to bring you lower prices this is a completely Online Only Self-Service System. There is no phone reservations nor any customer service offered. Last year we sold Over 20,000 bus tickets on this system and have many happy passengers who love the ease of use and 24 hour booking.

Do NOT email us asking where the bus is, this is not appropriate. Read your confirmation and call the number in it for your particular trip and bus line.

You may email questions in English Only to:


Please do NOT use an Earthlink Email, we will NOT respond to anything to submit an email. You will NOT receive an email ticket when using an email address from Earthlink. Due to the overzealous nature of their settings we highly suggest using another company if you wish to receive anything in the form of correspondence or your ticket.

Privacy Policy

At no time will any employee discuss a reservation with anyone except the customer of record, including with anyone who claims to be a "family member". Florida Bus Tickets does not and will not disclose or discuss any reservation except with the customer of record or if placed with a travel agent their agent of record. Florida Bus Tickets will not verify any customers reservation except with the party of record.

If you don't see a location listed on a particular schedule then the bus will NOT go there.

Unaccompanied minors MUST be 16 years of age or older for all bus lines - NO EXCEPTIONS

This is a self service, online only type service with No Customer Service. If you want something more than that I'm sorry but we do not offer such. Demanding such and demanding services clearly not offered can result in any ticket you do currently have being voided.





















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